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Minggu, 19 Juni 2011

My Photography Issue

I love photography.  I may not bring an SLR digital camera everywhere like every other persons out there, but I enjoy capturing moments!

My favourite objects are human's expresions, stuffs (I'm a little materialistic in some cases), plants, sky (especially the blue one), rainbow, and buildings.

Well, here's my photograph pieces I made lately.  Edited with Adobe Photoshop Trial Version, and the theme is:


spread all my stuffs inside the bag!  Sketchbook, magazine, almost-carbon-neutral notebook, stationeries, hair shine-enhancer, mini brush, lip balm, chocolate, and purse! 

the skin care range I've been using since 2010: Seaweed from The Body Shop.  I'm good with them.

Refreshing trio.  :)

My make-up weapons: mineral foundation with SPF 25, blush on (Mama bought this long-long time ago from her friend Oriflame consultant), mascara, and...eye shadow (a gift from my grandpa's distant sister or whatever is the connection).  I don't do make-up everyday, but I love to analyze a make-up kit! :)

my favourite accesories! :) Bangles, 'angklung' necklace liontin, a vintage small necklace, Eiffel Tower, and a necklace from Bali

Thank you God, this Rainforest Haircare product has arrived in stores! :) Bought them along with Nutriganics toner and eye definer + sharpener (all with 20% discount). Yipiie!

I'm truly a girl with special addiction to that kind of things, right? Lol.  *when I was younger I thought I'm a little emo and not a girly type (I even said I hate make-up, I didn't wash my face with cleanser for chemical-avoiding reason, I won't buy too much skin care...), but, life goes on together with change.  :P

Thank you, thank you for reading.  xoxo

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