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Sabtu, 14 Februari 2015

Hari Kasih Sayang untuk Melepas

Selamat 14 Februari! Senangnya, baru kali ini disamper 'seseorang' di hari Valentine.  Walau, ehm, konteksnya serba salah dan keadaannya cukup ganjil.  

Tapi tak apa, jadi lebih mudah melepasnya. :D 

(edisi melankolis)

Ngomong-ngomong, kata 'melepas' mirip 'meluncur', kan? Nah, saya baru meluncurkan produk-produk Guyu yang baru lho! Silakan dilihat di album Facebook dan akan segera diunggah ke @guyuhuraya :D 

Daripada bersusah hati, yuk kita bergembira bersama kawan-kawan Guyu! 

Rabu, 04 Februari 2015

In English

Here I describe what I really, really feel sometimes.  During the week.  The releasing-week.  

What am I trying to release? You. 

What is it? You've found a girl who suits you better. 

Better? I don't know.  We could always have a good chit-chat, couldn't we? 

I'm the one who has had a lotta dream about you.  A LOT OF.  From a nightmare to a pleasant dream, I've gone through them. 

Logically, yes, we didn't even collaborated in a meeting or whatever for a year.  More than a year, I guess.  But I was trying to reach you, and you still okay with that.  

I'm the one who guessed a lot, whom do you like, what do you think about me, are you an alien, or something.  My mind was full of you. 

Looking at this phenomenon irrationally, it's unfair for a dreamy girl like me.  I suit you.  I can guarantee that I'll be your best partner ever! 

But, alright, if we can't be together, maybe there are reasons behind it. 

You may dislike my weird habit of collecting animals pictures on Pinterest, or drawing them like crazy, or maybe you're afraid someday if you marry me, the house will be visited by so many giraffes and rhinoceros? 

Perhaps you think I'm a nerd who can't even say anything romantic with real words, that you don't think I even love boys more than I love four-legged-furry fellas. 

You probably said that my skill in choosing the right chord for a song is horrible, and you can't make any music with me. 

Or I wasn't your type and you never liked me as a lady, maybe.  The only point that makes me super sad yet overly okay. 

Ah, the other possibility: your sun-sign.  They say, based on the zodiac, you are very easy to be caught. By words, compliments, and touches.  Oh, now I know I was wrong.  I was too timid about you. 

ANYWAY. Bye. If you didn't choose a happy-lovely girl like me, then it's not my responsibility and someone else will do.  He'll be the luckiest person ever.  

But your partner, she's the luckiest person, too. To ever got you heartedly.

We both are awesome.  Maybe two awesome people shouldn't get together and I need somebody who's more easy-going than you.  Easy breezy.  But happy.  And I wish he loves animals. 

Minggu, 01 Februari 2015

Dari Oknum Apel beralih ke Michael J.Fox

Baru mengalami yang namanya hati rompal.
Belum patah, cuma agak mruluk dikit.
Rasanya memang nggak enak. Pedih sedikit, tetapi dikasih jus jeruk-leci agak baikan kok.

Di sisi lain, seakan dibebaskan dari beban bertanya-tanya.
Dari penasaran yang tiada habis.
Karena sudah jelas saya bukan pilihan dia.

Ya sudah, apa mau dikata. :)

Daripada sumpek, mending saya gambar Michael J.Fox saja.
Ingin lihat wajah ganteng lainnya? Ada di Instagram saya: ningrumningrum, ya!