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Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

I ♥ Difference

Yes, I do and I want you to do so.  

Why? This world won't be a totally different world without variation, dear.  

How? Simply say thanks for everything that is not similar to each other.  

Actually today I want to share these stuffs to you: social classes, religions, racism. I haven't got any thoughts for social classes and racism, so I'd like to talk about religions. 

I do respect religions.  These things are actually very nice, aren't they? Human created them to connect with God, with others, with nature.  We pray, we praise, we do good things.  It's such a kind habits! 

The trouble came when different religion started to feel "Mine is better than you!"  

Lalalala~and the war was happened.  And there's still war about religion until now.  I mean, NOW? When peace is made, shouted, and been a topic in many campaigns?

Reasons they usually use is, "Yeah, how could I stop the conflict? I have to make them follow my religion.  I don't like theirs, that is deviate! I didn't mean to do violence, but they are so hard to be persuaded."

It's so basic, cliché, and all.  

By the way, there are some sects that looks too extreme to be true.  I confess it.  

Peace, dear, will come only if we start appreciating difference.  Conflict doesn't appear because of the difference itself. It's in our mind.  If we always want that similarity pops anywhere anytime and you hate difference, just go to other planet.  Mother Earth is a colourful person, too, isnt' she? :) 

And remember that our religions were created by people with good purposes: for peace, actually.  So why don't we continue their job?  It's a PEACE project! For all of us.  It's an inheritance from our ancestors for us! Thousand years ago, they wished the next generation will live better in peaceful situation.  Isn't it lovely?

It's a good day for me (no courses, no projects, just relax), so have a nice one, too!

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