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Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Jeckapah's Award 2011

This post is special!
1. Written in English which I rarely do! :D

2. This is an award.  A real award.  But none of the winner gets a prize or trophy.  Just an appreciation from me and other cashflow from me.  :P LOL.

3. This is local-international edition of award!

My Favourite Brands/ Products/ Whatsoever
  both local and global in every session

*the first name is local, the second is nonlocal 

Kuyagaya-a clothing line that opened distro across my school building! I always discover cute things and comfortable atmosphere inside the shop.  :) Well, I'm glad they are exist! 
Zara-nicely decorated store, great products, but pricey! :( But I know someday I'll be able to be Zara's customer.  *amen 

foods and beverages
Klepon-this is not a brand...okay, maybe just call this product.  :P Since I was a little girl, I always enjoy eating kue klepon.  Made from something green and jelly-like, but more supple, with sprinkles of grated coconut, and inside the 'cake' inside, there's a Javanese sugar (it's gula jawa) melting on your tongue when you bite it! Wow, what an invention!
Soyjoy-I know you've been told by me that I LOVE the tiny snack! My church chamber orchestra's leaders (because there are TWO leaders and they are cute lovebirds) said: "It tastes like a carton box!" the guy even added, "Carton box tastes better!"  But whatever happens, whatever people say about SOYJOY, I will always love SOYJOY. 

Frisian Flag-the milk tastes better! I love their style of chocolate milk--unique, sweet, and mild.  The tag in their TV commercial "Susu Bendera coklat nikmat...tinggal tetes terakhir" is absolutely realistic! The most celicious chocolate milk!
Tipco-all natural juice from Thailand.  They come in fresh-designed box, with grapes as sweetener (really, no added sugar!), pulps, and lots of variation.  Aloe-vera, broccoli and mixed fruit, pomegranate, beetroot, here they are come from Tipco! xoxo for Tipco's founder. 

cosmetics and skin care 
Sariayu-by Martha Tilaar.  My Mama sticks to this brand forever.  All of their products are so Indonesia, so simple, practical, smells nice, and sometimes they collaborate with good organisations like WWF, which I admit as a plus point! :) Their cosmetics have wonderful themes, just like Senandung Rimba Sumatera, etc.  They always remind me to still love Indonesia.  
The Body Shop-you know, you knew, you had knew! The love came from my preteen era, I often see their beautiful paperbag in my grandpa's (Engkong) house, their products in the bathroom, and I just love them based on my taste for something vintage and looks good.  :P I did a research last year and somehow I know their products are great and their campaigns and their 'Bring Back Our Bottle' is my first reason to be their faithful costumer! And I purely love their products.  Really! 

Well, I'm sleepy.  I've promise to have no more late-night-online-activity that will just reduce my health and increase my dark circle below my two beloved eyes, so, bye! I'll be on my bed.  Thank you for reading, and give me your comment or suggestions, or you want to write your list? :D It always entertaining to make your own award! Trust me.  I do this since I was in elementary school! 

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