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Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Triwulan

My October has arrived, which means there will be 3 months ahead before the new year celebration! :D Yippiee! 

And as a nice organized edgy humanbeing, I want to write down 10 things I'll do to fulfill these happy 3 months! :) Which I call: 

Twinkle Twinkle Triwulan 
(hey! You can sing it in the same rhythym with 'Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star'!) 

1. To pass my grade 8 examination! Dear ABRSM examiner, please be good and I'll do the exam nicely.  Thank you.  Doing my best in practicing and studying! :) 

2. To avoid parabens in my products.  Especially things I buy myself.  It's different if I got a product as gift or whatevs that contains parabens--although it have to be noted. Detoxifying myself! :)

3. To eat more and more plenty of fruits and vegetables plus soy milk. I love soy milk! The taste's more fresh and...well, more vegetarian-wannabe. :) 

4. To let my dog-phobia go. AWAY! TOTALLY! Because I actually love dogs. I don't want to be phobia of those lovely dogs again. But my clausmophobia, I don't know, it's too natural and I've just realized it this year.  I think that's why I used to cry and got panic in a shop that is 'preparing to close' when I was a kid.

5. To save more money in my bank account.  Hehe. :) 

6.  To be a better pianist/violist.  Mentally.  Technically. Totally. :) Pray for me. 

7. To love life.  No more comment.  I have to continue this optimistic feeling of mine! :) Try it, friends, it's all good for your health.  

8. To write with my style and not being disturbed by 'money-oriented' feeling.  Yeah.  I want to be an author, not a money maker machine.  I write for fun and to share! 

9. To learn French by myself and get the real benefits of those donated French lesson books my cousin and an acquintance gave me. :)  Next year, I'll start the CCF class again, anyway! 

10.  To doodle more! And share happiness and my campaign through cute illustrations.  Making a better world in a sweet happy way. :3 

By the way, yesterday I took my Chinese Painting lesson with Lao Shi, and she was turning on her CD player.  So a good tranquilling music were filling the atmosphere.  I found that this Chinese-traditional-song-like music I was listening got some weird language so I asked Lao Shi

Me       :       Lao Shi, is this in Chinese, the music? 

Lao Shi:       No, it's Tibetan! It's Tibetan's mantra

WOW. For the first time of my life, I heard the Tibet language in the musical mantra form! What a thrilling new knowledge.  Because I felt thrilled when the song were playing! And I did it while I was colouring lotus leaves... LOL.  I flow to the cloud for a while! *it really felt like this, trust me 

How's your October's first day, friends? :) Hope you enjoy it.

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