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Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

10 Accio Wishes

If only I could just speak Accio* and these stuffs appeared in an instant...without any bills: 

1. Accio 1000 Colours of Copic Markers ! I'll put it on my desk, and everytime I want to add colour to my illustration, I don't need to feel confuse because every colour is available! Wouldn't it be nice?

2. Accio one of the most complete The Body Shop store! So I can choose and take any product I need / love. And everything is for free in this dream... :D 

3. Accio Twins rental.  When the newest manga or novel arrived, I don't need to go anywhere. I shall keep the bookshelves in my room and I only need to move my hands to reach the newest-updated literatures collection!

4. Accio recycling machine! Maybe in the box or round or pyramid shape, whatever.  But I want it to have a very simple function: throw anything recycleable inside the machine and the output will be a brand new useful stuff! What a good machine! 

5. Accio pug! Yes, a pug to be hugged, to be loved, to be fed.  Oh I love pug! 

6. Accio scanner! Please, scanner, live at my house.  I need you hardly.  

7. Accio Keane! It's been a long time, Keane.  You guys never visiting my country.  Why, oh, why? :( 

8. Accio SLR digital camera! Best if it comes from Canon.  I'd like to capture so many things in my life and stick them on pramudita:) 

9. Accio birds! Then I want to talk with them about life, singing, and...flying.  

10. Accio boyfriend.  Okay, this one might be a little bit emotional...NO, I'm good with myself! That's why it's on the last of the list.  Being single is not the biggest concern of my life.  I know I want a boyfriend and sometimes I become a melodramatic person thinking about this.  But, I realized that it's not the end of the world...sure! In other hand, I have longer time to choose the right one and haven't been commited with anyone.  I'm free as a dragonfly! :D 

So that's my accio targets.  What about you, people? 

*Accio is one of the spell in Harry Potter series.  It may cause anything to come for us by flying rapidly.  

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