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Senin, 16 Mei 2016

Embrace the Embarassed Feeling

May has reached the middle part.  And since May 1st, I've already got random physical wounds, yet, many splendid pleasant moments.

First thing first, I can swim now.  Properly. No more '10 minutes of water-walk's called swimming' again. LOL. Aye. I swam! But after a bunch of the sport, I spent my brother's wedding in pain through my back waist. HAHA. Sport beginner.

But it didn't stop me.  The next morning, my nephew asked me to join him swimming. I'm quite opportunist about the existence of swimming pool, so. I played with him, and his little sister. My cousins and uncle came through.  It's sunny and fun!  I think I had an intense 2 hours of water sport before, finally, breakfast.

I washed my hair after that. To dry it up, I took a bicycle and roamed around Alam Sutera residence walk.  Well, there's a love and hate relationship between me and bicycle.  But anyway, I'm officially befriend this vehicle now. Ahoy, I survived a short bicycle trip alone on the road (yes, along with cars and motorbikes out there--it's kinda scary!). Though at the last downpeak, I had almost kissed the ground. LOL.

And y'know, my legs are hurt. They got stuck on the wheel-spinner ( what is bosehan in English? ). Haha.

So, okay, two bruises on my legs now. 

Second story: during the week, I met a lot of butterflies.  I don't know, everytime I went out, there must be butterflies around me.  Maybe it's spring, maybe it's spring roll (?).

In one week, I hurt my fingers two times: tengah kiri ketusuk jarum dedelan jahit dan kelingking kanan kebaret kaleng. 

I thought it's the last time for this month.  But it's not. I had a weird jogging session with my bestie, Inejh.  And trust us, it's an amazing debut! Though, the pain follows: tense legs or so-called 'jompo'.  For two days in a row. Meanwhile, once in the same week, I experienced another surprise: I fell down on the short stair on a university. With Lai Maheswari and an umbrella and Paleo altogether.  In front of my orchestra friends...and security guard.  MAN. It's so embarassing I want to laugh hard at it.  Thankfully my hands are fine and there is only a bruise on my right knee.  But now I have two wounds from cycling on my left leg and a wound from falling down on my right knee. Plus one scar on left hand and another scar on right hand!


Ah, I don't know what's wrong.  Maybe I was prepared for something big coming through.  Such as : a smile from a crush (yeuh). Or an abundant amount of happiness. 

That's why I have mentioned above : the wounds come with the smile. 

And, last but not least: judul posting ini nggak nyambungYa, nyambung sedikit, karena nyungsep depan umum itu memalukan.

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